Fingwear ~ free to fling  

Who says fashion can’t be practical?

Flingwear® offers the ultimate in women's underwear -
style, comfort and convenience.

So if you’re a woman
on the go, bring something sexy with you - bring Flingz™!


Discover the top 10 reasons women love Flingz™ by Flingwear®!

                     Water-resistant packaging = always a fresh pair handy                              Itty bitty Flingz® make packing fast and easy.                              Flingz® in your glove compartment mean you're always prepared.                              Non-binding cut gets rid of panty lines.                              Flingz® make your yoga pants wearable!                              Flingz® go under everything!                              A gym bag essential.                              No more embarrassing rifling through loose underwear at airport security.                              A favorite of brides and bridesmaids.                              Perfect for sports!                              Have you ever forgotten to pack fresh pairs of undies in your gym bag? Store the small, protectively-packaged Flingz™ thongs in your gym bag now!